ISTE 2018 Reflection

It’s hard to capture the energy and spirit of a conference in a short blog post. Even harder when the event feels more like a family reunion and weekend with your “besties.” My journey with the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program makes any educational conference feel like I’m spending time with friends and family who happen to be passionate about education. It’s a great feeling.

ISTE18 in Chicago gave me a chance to start turning my attention toward my next career path which is administration. I looked for sessions that could be useful in thinking about district-wide technology initiatives and supporting technology integration goals. Project Tomorrow, Now Classrooms, and Flipgrid for Social Emotional Learning were excellent resources that I know will be useful for me in future endeavors.

My two favorite moments were presenting at the Microsoft booth on Sway and a joint presentation with Tammy Dunbar and Jeff Bradbury. Both sessions had great audiences who were engaged in the topic, asked questions, and kept me thinking and sharing. And any time you get to collaborate with Jeff and Tammy is one to be savored.

ISTE18 is another example of how the Microsoft learning community supports teachers and fuels my growth as an educator. I’m very lucky to be a part of this group, and I cant’ wait to see them again.