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CiteBite for Research

(This post originally appeared on the Tech Savvy Teacher blog with NCCE, but since I wrote it, I decided to repost it.) You’re probably familiar with this scenario: students are assigned a research project, they go online to find their … Continue reading

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If you provide the tools for them to build it, they will make a mess (and have a lot of fun)

One of my favorite moments as a librarian happened this week. I made a point of attending an ISTE librarian’s webinar on makerspaces in the library (hosted by Diana Rendina). I had been toying with a hands-on place in the library … Continue reading

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Oh Right…I’m Blogging

So several days I’ve been thiking “right, take time to update my blog…take time to update my blog.” As with anything it’s easy to get away from that which is hepful and beneficial. Exercise, eating well, reading zombie novels. All … Continue reading

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Library Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue #4

App to Check Out: Plickers Remember those activ votes? Probably not, as I have several cases of them down here that are unused. The devices had a good goal: a way to collect student feedback and do various assessments. Invariably, … Continue reading

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Connected Educator

Just came across a great article, so I had to share. Source:Edutopia A connected educator: •Believes in sharing and collaboration •Uses technology and its connection to other educators to learn and teach •Practices and models lifelong learning, which is often … Continue reading

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Friday Review (In Which I Share 2 Things)

So two rather amazing things happend this week. Okay – to be fair – amazing things happen every week in middle school, but I am particularly drawn to two events for me. 1. After accessing my PTSA money and thinking … Continue reading

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Five Reasons You’ll Be Better Tomorrow

Some great reminders. Happy Monday to everyone. Five Reasons You’ll Be Better Tomorrow.

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