Weeks 34-35: Changes and More

Reflections from the last few weeks:

Take-apart station was CRAZY popular. Students so loved getting into the devices we collected, really taking them apart. Lot’s oh “oohs!” and “aaahs!” all over the place.

Now  students are converting the equipment into items found in nature. I made a Sway to explain the information, and posted signs around the makerspace. Kids have shown great creativity, and of course, keep smiling and having fun. Oh yeah – it’s pretty messy.

I co-hosted an awesome Twitter chat with Sherry Gick. Our topic was finishing the year strong in the library. Lots of friends (new and old) joined the conversation and shared many great ideas on how to finish out the rest of the year.

Completed the (now) annual electronic haiku project with 6th grade. I liked our approach this year – giving kids some basic instructions to help them all be successful, then turning them loose to expand on their ideas.

I was asked to share my thoughts on being an MIE Expert – twice! Thanks Robyn and Todd for asking me to share.

In general, the end of this year is feeling rushed, hurried, and not really allowing me to take care of myself. This feeling comes on the heels of my “just do it” post a few weeks back. While I’ve jumped in and embraced my library list, my out of school life could usechanges fb post the focus. So I affirm this week that I need to be healthy and strong for myself and the others who depend on me. I will reflect on this more in my Bullet Journal.

And – how that it’s Facebook and Twitter real – I’ve taken a new job! I’ll be a tech integration specialist in my district next fall. Excited to join a great team to look at our technology vision and plan for students and teachers.

Testing comes up this week (along with fixing a major hiccup in our laptops), and students are submitting their take-apart projects on Friday. Should be a good one!


About @mr_snyderman

Technology Integration Specialist for Lake Washington School District, NCCE Past President, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Master Trainer, world-traveller, and Montana native. #tlchat #ncce #istelib
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