Weeks 39-40: Moving On



This was a great year at KiMS. Projects, activities, OneNote, technology, change, struggles, laughter – all of it was memorable and worth all of it.


The last few weeks were good because I did my best to be present and not focus on summer. This relates to my last post about getting grumbly and not doing any good with that attitude. The result was enjoying my time with staff and students and seeing the joy in where I was. Attitude really is everything, and I can always be in control of mine.

I spent time going through the collection (both digital and print) to make sure it was “ready for company.” I even went through the school webpage and organized links, deleted old files, and made sure information was accurate. All of that, combined with trying to get books back from students and take care of technology, was time well spent.


Mystery Skype in Mukilteo.


And now I’m looking at summer, a new job, travels to ISTE, and vacation time with Mike. Friday was a training in Mukilteo (thanks to Tammy Dunbar for the awesome Mystery Skype), and there is a short UW presentation next week. The summer will be full, and my mind is already jumping to the fall. However – in the spirit of staying present – here’s what I want to do:

  • Focus on physical health this summer: oof, the spring has been busy, and I’ve neglected my health.
  • Read books again: there’s more to do during down-time than stream Dr. Who.
  • Explore Seattle: I keep meaning to do this each summer, and I always get too booked out. I’ve purposely left the summer open, so I want to visit my city (on foot/bike/bus).

These goals may adapt and grow, but they are on my heart right now.


Friends bought t-shirts and danced to Golden Girls music. Best sendoff ever!


About @mr_snyderman

Technology Integration Specialist for Lake Washington School District, NCCE Past President, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Master Trainer, world-traveller, and Montana native. #tlchat #ncce #istelib
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