The Path I’ve Traveled Before

I went to bed last night after a perfect weekend of friends, family, laughing, celebrating, and spending time smiling. Mike and I planned a birthday party that turned into a chance to see many friends gather and laugh (and eat a darn good chicken shawarma and nectarine blackberry upside cake). It was fab.

Flash forward to waking up Monday: feeling old, tired, over-exposed, and in need of a change. It’s not an unfamiliar feeling, just one that I get frustrated with. I’ve done the fit/not-fit dance before, and I know that right now is a season of my being my best self.

The pitfall is the morass of “Again?!” that’s easy to get caught into. So, we talked, we made a plan, and here we go. My morning has now consisted of a workout, tracking calories, some basic meal planning, and telling a friend (and anyone reading this) that I am making a commitment to be healthy.

Right there – it almost happened. I wanted to add “this summer” to the end of that last paragraph. My instinct was to limit my goal to a lowball approach that would get me off the hook this fall or winter or, well, any time. In fact, this morning, as I was adjusting the goals in MyFitness pal, I found myself wanting to put in something simple and easy, rather than bold (yet manageable).

So that’s when my PLN kicked in, and I thought about other friends and posts that they have written. Aaron Mauer always pushes himself to do what is right, to not make excuses, and to be bold in what he is doing. I always appreciate his energy and self-reflection, a quality shared by my #MIEExpert cohort. With that inspiration, I made a good, far-reaching, yet (with work and focus) attainable goal.

The same can be said of my professional life. It’s always easy to pick the “oh that will be easy!” goal when faced with having to add something to my portfolio. We are drawn to challenges that we know we can achieve, quickly running away from something that we’re not sure about. The road less travelled is freakin’ scary, and I’m happy to take the path with lighting, a snackbar, gift shop, map, and many other companions.

But doing that means that I may miss something amazing and powerful. The times that I have pushed myself beyond my own expectations have always lead to something great. And stress. And work. And frustration. Those moments of struggle, however, help me break free from the things holding me back, and make me a better teacher and learner.

So as my workout finished this morning (the Y was closed, so I made a plan to exercise at home) and I measured out my snack (yogurt and blueberries), I felt good. Better than I did when I woke up. My day will be spent getting some things inline to help out (bullet journal, calendar set up, cleaning and organizing, and probably a nap). All necessary to make it a good first day.

And I’m trying to figure out snapchat.  It’s going to be a great adventure.



About @mr_snyderman

Technology Integration Specialist for Lake Washington School District, NCCE Past President, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Master Trainer, world-traveller, and Montana native. #tlchat #ncce #istelib
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One Response to The Path I’ve Traveled Before

  1. Becky says:

    You go, guy! Work for it! As a side note, I love my Bullet Journal.

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