On Vacation

Not much to post these days. I took July off from – well, everything work related. Mike and I are currently on Cortes Island in BC, reading, hiking, playing games, and taking things very slowly. 

I know August will be busy with a high learning curve, so I’m relishing the peace now. I’m trying to at least. I’m finding myself a little out of sorts with the quiet. It’s almost too peaceful. There very little wifi, less cell service, and our yurt is off the grid. We are heading to a new island tomorrow, but I think it will have the same digital limits. 

And that should be good. So a reminder to set goals about unplugging and enjoying the peace of the moment. 

Oh! I did make it up Mount Si this summer. Beautiful. And great to meet a goal. 


About @mr_snyderman

Technology Integration Specialist for Lake Washington School District, NCCE Past President, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Master Trainer, world-traveller, and Montana native. #tlchat #ncce #istelib
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