In Search of Structure


To say the last 3 months haven’t been great would be wrong. I am really getting into my new role of Tech Integration Specialist. The position is more/different/bigger than I thought it would be, and I am still in the place where I don’t know quite what to expect each day. The collaboration has been great, the opportunities are meaningful, and the work is important and impactful.

What I am missing is routine. Granted, I’m the one to blame here. Once the school year was off and rolling, we decided to sell our house (why use all of that free time in the summer when we could do it more methodically?) (please note the sarcasm in that) when we could it while working a new job, handling a new commute, dealing with the usual business of fall, and all that?

Needless to say, we jumped in and sold our house. Moving to our (LOVELY) apartment on Queen Anne took time, but we did it. We did it while managing everything else in our pretty busy lives. Like early meetings, late meetings, weekend retreats, consulting with teachers, planning events, handling new adventures that we didn’t know we could handle. It all happened at once, and we survived.




What I am missing and craving right now is a plan to make my life more stable. I can handle things changing at work in many ways, but my strengths lie in calculated decisions that let me be consistent and disciplined. At our TIS retreat last weekend, we took the Strengths Finder assessment and compared our results as a team. I was a little shocked by mine, but more reflection that have these traits: restorative, empathy, discipline, consistency, and developer.

success-is-nothing-more-than-a-few-simple-disciplines-practiced-every-day-quote-1With the chaos comes ignoring my health and mindfulness of life. At least the goal to be healthy and mindful about life. I’ve always struggled and had issues, and there have been “good” years and “rough” years with physical activity and all of that. But right now, things are just not clicking. And it’s now the holidays, which means there is sugar within reach all day, the weather is not great, it’s dark, and all I want to do is snuggle with a box of cookies while watching The Crown.

So – what does a restorative, empathetic, discipline-craving, consistency-wishing, developer do? Turn these traits back on himself.

Today’s goal is to make a plan and work with it. I hesitate to type “stick with it” because I know that the next 7 weeks predict chaos and fun. But I can navigate these waters with a road map and a checklist. Well, frankly, I need to. This applies to work also, as many things are happening there (when isn’t something happening at work?) that I need to execute well.

So there’s my plan: to actual make a plan. More about work and what I’ve been doing the past 3 months later, but this is where I am right now. And this was Step 1.




About @mr_snyderman

Technology Integration Specialist for Lake Washington School District, NCCE Past President, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Master Trainer, world-traveller, and Montana native. #tlchat #ncce #istelib
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